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My Ultimate List of Art and Design Resources

January 4, 2018

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Here I have compiled a list of all the great design resources that I have experienced, love and found to be super helpful to me. I am sure you can find great enjoyment and a wealth of information from them too.

I am always learning something new and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon, so I will add to this list as I try new things!

For now, check out these courses I’ve taken, books I have read and websites full of wonderful things that I have found along the way so far!

Online Courses and Websites


Make Art That Sells – Lilla Rogers – A fantastic website crammed full of top tips, helpful videos and Q&A’s, not to mention the gorgeous artwork to drool over! Lilla also offers many online courses to help you in your design career and truly understand what it is that Art agents are on the lookout for.

I have personally taken her MATS A- self-paced course and Creating Collections for Home Decor. They are so packed full of useful information and challenges to push yourself with. I would highly recommend them as an absolute MUST for anyone considering a career in designing artwork and patterns. I plan on doing more in the future too!


Make It In Design Rachael Taylor – Another brilliant destination crammed full of design heaven! Resources, galleries and the wonderful MOYO Magazine – a completely free design magazine full of designer stories, tips and interviews!

Rachael also offers courses in her Design School – 3 modules to help you get started and progress, covering all the information you could ask for regarding a career in design. There is also a 4th course Ultimate Portfolio Builder which I have yet to take but I am eagerly looking forward to finding the time!

Also on offer is Summer School and Winter School as well – 4 weeks each of design challenges. I have personally taken these 3 modules Mod 1 – Designing Your Way, Mod 2 – Creating your Professional Identity and Mod 3 – Monetising Your Designs, as well as one round of Winter School so far.

I can’t speak highly enough of these courses, the sheer amount of information within them and the knowledge that you will gain is well worth the investment in yourself!


Skillshare – My Go-To website for learning any new creative skill. Soooo many classes to choose from that you will get lost for hours in a creative bubble!

Skillshare is full of bite-size learning for all sorts of art and design and creative crafts taught by talented people from all around the world. There really is something for everyone on here and so exciting that it makes learning new skills and crafts within reach to everyone from the comfort of their own home!

I am going to put together a Class Resource list of all the classes I have taken so far also so stay tuned! In the meantime, try out Skillshare and get a free month of access to ver 18,000 online classes. Your brain will thank you!



CreativeBug – A great selection of Craft classes and Workshops for you to learn until your heart’s content! Try their 14 Day free trial for access to 1000+ classes now!

CreativeLive – Another fantastic selection of Craft and Design classes to choose from. Something for everyone! – Classes in Design, Business, Software Development, Web Development and Photography. Start a 30 day free trial with access to 6000+ courses.

Atly – Classes and Workshops in all areas of design and DIY and a blog for useful tips and resources.





Print and Pattern – Fantastic UK based blog covering all aspects of the world of Print and Pattern.

Going Home To Roost – Bonnie Christine, offers courses, tips and beautiful inspiration for the budding Surface Pattern Designer!

Design*Sponge – A wonderful resource full of Design, DIY, Travel, Food, Lifestyle and more!

Décor8 – Interior Design and Lifestyle Site – Lovely Home tours, Decor and Business tips!

Pattern Bank – A fantastic inspirational catalogue of designs to browse, purchase and even sell your own. Trend Reports to help you design for the upcoming trends.

Oh So Beautiful Paper – A Lifestyle and Design blog packed with beautiful Paper goods, DIYs and Home Decor Inspiration.

A Beautiful Mess – A Lifestyle Blog with Home Decor, recipes, crafts and loads more. Full of Inspiration!

The Design Files – Australia’s leading Design blog – a must visit for stories on Homes, Gardens,  Art and much more.

The House that Lars Built – Design, Style, Food and Lifestyle blog to keep you inspired for hours!





The Pattern Source Book

Color and Pattern

The Spoonflower Handbook

Print and Pattern-Nature

Imagine a Forest

Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work

20 Ways to Draw a Doodle

Art Inc




Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator – Photoshop is great for a more traditional realistic look to your work (my fave) and Illustrator is great for Vector Work.

Creative Market – A wonderful online marketplace with Design assets galore and 6 FREE goods every Monday!

Basic Art Supplies – I always start my design work on paper first but some people prefer to work all in digital. I couldn’t be without my sketchbook, pencils and mechanical pencils, black inky pens, kneaded eraser and watercolours. Some of my favourites:

  • Paper – I’m not usually too choosy for my drawing paper as long as it is Extra White and has a nice thickness to it. Currently using Quantum Art – Fine Surface in Brilliant White.
  • Pencils – mainly I use 2H, HB, and 2B along with various mechanical Pencils – Pental 0.5mm is a favourite.
  • Kneaded Eraser – Very nice to use and easier to get at the smaller details.
  • Watercolours – Windsor and Newton paints are a favourite to work with when I decide to paint. For brushes, I love the Princeton Neptune series, particularly in Size 16 Round, Size 8 Round and Size 4 Round. Watercolour Paper –  Fabriano Artistico Extra White

Very Helpful to have


Wacom Tablet – You can be a designer without one of these but I cannot recommend highly enough. This tool will make your life so much easier and your work so much faster, that you will wonder how you ever survived without it. I have a Cintiq 13hd and I love it! Honestly, one of the tools I couldn’t be without when designing!

Pantone Colours Fan Deck – Not essential for a Beginner but a good investment for yourself when you can as Pantone colours are the standard within the design industry and throughout the world. You will most likely be asked to create work to particular Pantone codes so this is very useful to purchase.

Scanner – You can get by without a scanner by taking pictures of your work and sending it to yourself among other ways but as they are not expensive to buy and they are very useful, I would nearly be tempted to put this in the Essentials list! I use a very cheap one from Argos and it has served me well so far!


My Ultimate List of Art and Design Resources | Resources for Designers | Natural Dreamer


I’m sure I am forgetting some brilliant resources but as I said, I will update this post on a regular basis to share with you all the brilliant help there is out there.

If you know of any in particular that I haven’t mentioned, do send me a comment below and let me know!










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